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striped arm chairs

This Couple Got the Old Italian Villa of Their Dreams—But in Jersey City

The apartment even fits a pasta maker.


This Designer’s Hudson Valley Cabin Tripled in Square Footage Over 3 Generations

Her father’s legacy lives on every do-nothing summer.

brick apartment unit

Some Long-Distance Couples FaceTime—This One Decorated a Cozy, Minimalist Apartment Together

An L.A. designer takes on his fiancée’s Cambridge home.

arched front door

When This L.A. Couple Downsized, They Gained Back Storage With a Hallway of Built-Ins

A pass-through window to the den is the cherry on top.

green house with large tree

This L.A. Jewelry Designer Painted Her Entire 1,200-Square-Foot Home Green

It matches the twisty eucalyptus tree outside.

family on front steps

After Catching the Brownstone Bug, This Designer Found Her Own and Tackled It Bit by Bit

Her only regret is making over the kitchen too quickly.

family on porch

How This SoCal Family Unlocked Extra Square Footage Without a Big Addition

When two (stories) become one.

couple in living room

In Actors Sam Lerner and Olivia Sui’s L.A. Home, Striped Wallpaper Stretches to the Skylight

And dinners (usually) take place at the round kitchen island.

wood tv unit

The Media Unit in This Austin Home Hides a TV, Board Games, and Coats

How one data scientist found her personal sanctuary in North Loop.

spanish style living room

This Art Director Found His L.A. House on a Stroll—24 Hours Later, He Was in Escrow

A pie chest supplied major design inspiration.

living room with large coffee table

How a Designer Brought Soul to a D.C. Home That Was Already Halfway Through Construction

She relied primarily on paint.

white accent chairs

The Best Seat in This Designer’s SoCal Home Is at the Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen Counter

With tiki glass in hand.

Circle table with two chairs next to a window

A Former Doctor’s Office Is Now This Chicago Gallerist’s Art Deco Apartment

The “X-ray” room houses guests.

beige sofa

This London Home’s Designer Plans to Re-create This Cool Kitchen Feature in the Future

The cat in residence has never been happier.

pink sofa with skirt

This Family’s 1957 L.A. Home Makes the Case for Keeping an Unpopular Feature

They bought the gem sight unseen.

blue boucle bed

For This L.A. Family, White Walls Presented the Biggest Design Risk

“Restraint, baby…this house is all restraint.”

blue library wall

Stained-Glass Doors Unveil Colorful Room After Room in This Narrow Apartment

But first, stop to admire the library ladder.

tiled post office staff room turned bedroom

Their First Home Purchase Fell Through—Then This Couple Bought a Post Office

Goodbye, staff lounge. Hello, bedroom.