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The 50 Best Vintage Furniture Shops in America

The 50 Best Vintage Furniture Shops in America

We explored every state, from sea to shining Saarinen.

Concrete bathroom with blush curtains

The “Ugly” Colors Dakota Johnson’s Designers Use to Give a Room Depth

Don’t shy away from pea green.

Mindy Kaling in a orange top and green skirt with the words Shopping Buddy

Mindy Kaling’s Fave $2 Pen Makes Even Her “Chicken-Scratch Handwriting” Look Good

And more of her home office picks.

Woman sitting on sofa

9 Things Cup of Jo’s Joanna Goddard Must Have in Her Living Room

Plus the $26 baskets that help her corral clutter.

Store with cobalt blue wall hanging

6 New Indie Design Stores in NYC That Are Worth the Trip Downtown

Don’t worry, you can shop them online, too.

Woman wearing colorful dress

The $3 Glass I Rely on When Friends and Family Come Over

From cookbook author Yewande Komolafe.

Woman in white shirt and tan pants

Courteney Cox’s Holiday Candle Sold Out Last Year— Now It’s Back

Along with cleaning products in the same scent.

Man in green shirt on sofa

This Candle-fluencer Swears a $6 Target One Helps Him Focus

And more of his favorites to burn.

woman in white dress

Justina Blakeney’s Trick for Adjusting a Room So It Gives Her “All the Feels”

And how she knows when something is off.

Woman in kitchen holding plate of food

Condiment Queen Jing Gao Keeps Her Packed Pantry Organized With These Amazon Finds

One is just $16.

Woman on bench in a Barbie pink dress

This $30 Silverware Organizer Keeps Author Klancy Miller’s Kitchen Clutter in Check

Plus her favorite Dusen Dusen product ever.

Woman shopping a French flea market

I Spent 17 Days Navigating French Flea Markets—Here’s Everything I Learned

Psst: The best ones aren’t in Paris.

Drew Barrymore on a white boucle chair

Drew Barrymore Just Launched Her Sold-Out Bouclé Swivel Chair in a New Shade

*Adds to cart immediately.*

A Pink Kitchen With Curvy Cubbies Is Where Creativity Happens in This Design Studio

A Pink Kitchen With Curvy Cubbies Is Where Creativity Happens in This Design Studio

Where Paola Zamudio works.

Shop with pink table and headbands on display

We Almost Didn’t Want to Tell You About This Ultra-Cool Housewares Outlet

Discounted Dusen Dusen and Baggu!

Woman foraging in her backyard

Black Forager Gifts This Indoor Cactus to Her Friends Because You Can Eat Its Fruit

And more of her gardening picks.

woman standing in doorway

This NYC Bakeshop Serves Up a Mirror Made Out of Real Bread (Oh, and Slices of Cake)

From Lucie brings the South of France to the East Village.

Man leaning against a table in an office with Nice Work bubbles around him

Imagine Sending Emails Among the Antique Portuguese Tiles at This Lisbon Office

Or from its dreamy courtyard.